The Early Bird Gets the Worm!
Tuesday, July 3, 2012 at 9:13AM
StarChoiceCreditUnion in Scott, Star Choice Credit Union

Studies have shown that 37% of the population consider themselves “Morning People”, while the rest prefer evenings and late night. I’m actually surprised by that number. When I talk about not being able to remember the last time I was woken up by an alarm clock or having walked before sunrise, I usually get a blank stare from the listener. Indeed morning people are in the minority, but mornings are awesome!

Most of us morning people have a routine we like to follow. I make coffee, check the weather and markets, and go on my morning walk. This morning’s walk was eventful and invigorating!

It’s been so hot lately, mornings have offered no respite. Having already checked the weather before this morning’s walk, I saw I was going to get wet if I ventured outdoors. I did it anyway and was treated to a very memorable time. The lightning show was amazing and the rain and breeze were cool (almost cold). It was amazing!

The only thing that didn’t make it through the weather was my shoes – pictured below. I think they’ll take a few days to dry out and I’ll have to wear my “Plan B” walking shoes for now.

Being a morning person has its advantages and there are some days that are memorable and amazing. This morning was definitely one of them!


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