Romance on a Budget
Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 10:24AM

Flowers, fancy dinners and Hallmark cards add up quickly. According to the National Retail Federation, only about 55% of Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day, but those who do will shell out an average of $146.84, up a few bucks from last year’s average of $142.31. In total, Valentine’s Day spending is expected to hit $19.7 billion this year.

If you choose to celebrate Valentine's Day but don't want to blow your budget, you're in luck. Here are 5 ways you and your significant other can enjoy a nice Valentine's Day without breaking the bank.


  1. Skip the Fancy Dinner. Restaurants are very busy on Valentine's Day. Save time and money by stopping at the store in advance and picking up something for you to make together. If you aren't into cooking, grab some wine and order a pizza or opt for take out. You'll enjoy a great meal for a fraction of the cost at home. 
  2. Burn a Custom CD. Do you remember the song you and your significant other first danced to? Make a list of special songs or songs that remind you of your special someone for a memorable gift. 
  3. Make a List. Write down all the reasons why they are special to you and compile it in a book. It's extremely thoughtful and won't cost you anything. 
  4. Leave Notes. Whether they find them in their breifcase or lunch bag, a little note is a fun gesture that is sure to make them smile. 
  5. Skip the Flowers. Flowers aren't cheap, especially in the winter months. Save money by skipping the flowers or creating your own arrangement. You could even opt for a plant that is sure to last much longer than fresh cut flowers. 




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