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April Fools Day...What's it all about?

What is April Fools Day and why do we "celebrate" it?

According to Urban legends, "April Fools Day is an observance which takes place in many western countries every April 1, traditionally known as April Fools' Day or All Fools' Day (aka Poisson d'Avril — "April Fish" — in France). It's a day when humor reigns and harmless pranks, practical jokes, and hoaxes are sanctioned. Customary practices range from simple tricks played on friends, family, and coworkers to elaborate media hoaxes concocted for mass consumption."

We have all been fooled once or twice on April 1st, but have you ever wondered how it all started? The origin of this tradition isn't 100% confirmed, although the most common theory says it dates all the way back from 1582, the year France adopted the Gregorian Calendar, which shifted the observance of New Year's Day from the end of March (around the time of the vernal equinox) to the first of January. 

Some people continued to ring in the New Year on April 1st. The stubbornness of the people who continued to celebrate the New Year on April 1st instead of January 1st, as we know it, caused these people to be the butt of jokes and pranks on account of their foolishness.
There are a couple problems with this explanation, but it remains to be a lighthearted day trying to convince people to look for things that don't exist, playing pranks, and trying to get people to believe ridiculous things.