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Meet Lexie!

Hi everyone, my name is Lexie, the newest employee of Star Choice!

I am 18 years old and I was born and raised here in Bloomington, MN. Aside from working at Star Choice, I also work at Aeropostale in the Mall of America. My favorite food is waffles (yum!) and I enjoy traveling. So far I have traveled to Florida and I am going to France with my Grandmother next summer because she was born there. C'est cool n'est pas?

I really enjoy working here so far and it is definitely a different working environment than I've ever experienced. Everyone is very welcoming and nice and it is a fun place to work.


Meet Tracy!

Hi, my name is Tracy Bartholomew and here is a little information about myself!

I started working at Star Choice in February of 2013 and I must say that I’m impressed with both the staff and the members. Everyone here is truly dedicated as a team.

I’m married to my soul mate (going on thirteen years this October!) and we have a wonderful son, who will be turning eight at the end of April. We feel very blessed and are amazed at the little man he is becoming.

I have had various jobs over the years working in retail (Dayton’s – Remember when it used to be?) as a cashier, and as a pretty awesome Cosmetologist for over 20 years.  I felt I needed a change of pace in my life and I’m glad that I have taken that chance. My past employment seems to have prepared me for the work here at Star Choice Credit Union. I love customer service. 

My interests include shopping, movies, scrap-booking, decorating, hanging out with family and friends, trying new restaurants, music, and book clubs. Oh, and I love to travel! My favorite getaway of all time was my honeymoon in Hawaii. My husband and I plan to go back some day, it truly was magical. Another little getaway that I love is my parents’ cabin in Turtle Lake, WI. It’s on the lake and it’s really close to the casino (in case you get the urge to splurge).

I look forward to getting to know all of you!