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What's so GREAT about GREAT?

Star Choice Credit Union seeks GREAT members/employees!

Do you love being a member/employee of Star Choice Credit Union? We genuinely hope that you do, because every day our number one priority is to meet your financial needs. Like any cooperative, the strength of our credit union comes from our foundation – which is you, our members/employees. As our support system, we look to you to join us in strengthening and improving the Minnesota credit union movement.

One of the many ways you can support Star Choice Credit Union is by signing up to become involved in group called GREAT, the GrassRoots Education & Action Team. As a member of GREAT, you will join credit union supporters from around Minnesota in sharing the credit union story our elected officials. Becoming GREAT provides you with the opportunity to help preserve, protect and promote Minnesota credit unions. Membership is free, and the information you provide will only be used for the purpose of grassroots advocacy.

Here’s how the program works:

1.     GREAT members receive occasional e-mails asking them to contact elected officials about a particular issue

2.     GREAT provides a sample e-mail message.

3.     GREAT members send a targeted message to legislators with about five clicks of the mouse! 

Your communication – combined with the messages of thousands of other credit union supporters around the state – has the power to truly make an impact on issues important to the credit union movement.

Show your legislators that you support your credit union by becoming a GREAT member today! To sign up, simply visit the GREAT web site ( and click on the “Action E-List” link at the bottom of the page.

With your help, Minnesota’s credit unions can continue to grow and thrive for years to come. Join GREAT today and become part of the larger credit union movement!




Don't Tax My Credit Union!

The credit union mission has always been “people not profits.”

Credit unions are not-for-profit. Star Choice Credit Union, as well as the others, returns earnings directly to our members in the form of higher interest rates and lower fees and loan rates. This is the reason why people love credit union membership and also why credit unions pay no federal income tax.

Some people in Washington want to tax credit unions. As previously stated, credit unions currently offer lower interest rates on loans, lower fees, and higher returns on savings. If the tax exemption is ended, this will result in higher taxes for you and the other 1.5 million credit union members in Minnesota. (Not to mention the other 94.5 million credit union members in America!)

We need your support! We urge you to help us support the “people not profit” mission of credit unions and the American people.

TAKE ACTION NOW and tell your legislators: “Don’t tax my credit union!”


Here is how you can help:

Go to the GREAT page of the Minnesota Credit Union Network website and click the “Federal Issues” tab to respond to this Action Alert. (Note: you will need to register first, it will only take a minute!) Also, please encourage your fellow credit union supporters who are not yet GREAT members to sign up at


After you’ve taken action and responded to this alert, you can find more information on this advocacy effort on the Credit Union National Association’s “Don’t tax my credit union” webpage.

Thank you in advance for your support! Together we can take action and prevent the taxing of credit unions.