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A picture is worth a thousand words!

...It's so true! Sometimes a thousand laughs as well :)

A photo was recently discovered of our President, Dan Christiansen. Upon its discovery, rumors were confirmed that he has, in fact, always been a sharp dresser, and caused several other photos of Star Choice employees to rise to the surface!

















Our Branch Manager, Ryan, has always been a sharp dresser his own way. With that being said, I don't know many people who can make a toilet paper dress look this good!And then there is Matt, our IT Specialist, in an awesome Superman outfit. Little did he know, one day he actually would become a Superman by saving the "not-so-tech-savvy" Star Choice employees from our daily computer issues and incapabilities :)

Here is me...with some sticks. I had some weird facination with sticks when I was little, possibly due to the fact that I always wished I was a dog when I was younger (so I wouldn't have to go to school) or maybe because my dad would give us money for picking up sticks in the yard before he had to mow. Who knows...I was a strange kid :) My outfit isn't nearly as cool as Dan's, Ryan's or Matt's ...and clearly my brother Bryan was the more fashionable child with his sweet tye-dye t-shirt!

Do you have any old pictures or pictures from your childhood worth a laugh? Feel free to send them to us and we will share them! :)



My name is Matt Puczko and I've been with Star Choice for just over 11 years now. I really can't believe it's been that long! The only employee that's been here longer is Star Choice's President Dan. I came to Star Choice Credit Union after graduating from UW-River Falls where I received two BAs: Computer Information Systems and Economics. My main duties at Star Choice are ensuring our computers and systems keep running. I also provide member support via help with online banking and other areas. There are also lots of day to day tasks helping fellow employees. 

Outside of work I like to go hiking, fishing, playing with all of my gadgets (I am in IT after all!), playing guitar but most of all spending time with my family. My wife & I welcomed our first child into the world back in November, a son Oliver. He's been keeping us on our toes ever since. The kid has more hair than most adults. It's crazy! We also have a three year old labradoodle, Punkie. Oh, we're also huge Packer fans. Probably an unpopular opinion among most of Star Choice's members! 

If you ever need help with online banking, mobile banking, bill pay or other IT questions, just call Star Choice and ask for me!