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If you love something, set it free...

Happy Monday!

I thought I would share a few pictures from my weekend up north! I spent the weekend at my dad's house on Lobster Lake in Alexandria, MN.

My entire family loves to fish, and surprisingly it took me 23 years before I caught my first walleye! I've caught literally everything imaginable, even turtles, but this weekend I finally reeled in my first walleye :) (Actually...I caught two this weekend, but the first one fell off right before we got it in the boat!)

Just comparing teeth :D

There is a great story to this picture!

Friday afternoon everyone went out fishing. My dad's friend, Bill, cast out his line and turned away for a split second to do something. During that short time, he got a bite and the fish pulled his entire pole into the water and swam away. His favorite pole was long gone before he had even realized what happened!

The next day, we went back out on the lake. Just as we were about to pull up the anchor to switch spots, we realize there was a bobber that was tangled around the anchor. Bill's son slowly begins pulling up both the anchor and the bobber and starts following the line all the way down to, yep, you guessed it, Bill's long lost (or so we thought!) fishing pole!

Lobster Lake is a huge lake, 1,308 acres to be exact, so the odds of our anchor miraculously snagging his pole at the bottom of the lake was pretty crazy! (Unfortunately, there was no fish on the end of the line!)

Like the saying goes, "If you love something set it free. If it comes back to you, it's yours. If it doesn't, it never was." :)


A picture is worth a thousand words!

...It's so true! Sometimes a thousand laughs as well :)

A photo was recently discovered of our President, Dan Christiansen. Upon its discovery, rumors were confirmed that he has, in fact, always been a sharp dresser, and caused several other photos of Star Choice employees to rise to the surface!

















Our Branch Manager, Ryan, has always been a sharp dresser his own way. With that being said, I don't know many people who can make a toilet paper dress look this good!And then there is Matt, our IT Specialist, in an awesome Superman outfit. Little did he know, one day he actually would become a Superman by saving the "not-so-tech-savvy" Star Choice employees from our daily computer issues and incapabilities :)

Here is me...with some sticks. I had some weird facination with sticks when I was little, possibly due to the fact that I always wished I was a dog when I was younger (so I wouldn't have to go to school) or maybe because my dad would give us money for picking up sticks in the yard before he had to mow. Who knows...I was a strange kid :) My outfit isn't nearly as cool as Dan's, Ryan's or Matt's ...and clearly my brother Bryan was the more fashionable child with his sweet tye-dye t-shirt!

Do you have any old pictures or pictures from your childhood worth a laugh? Feel free to send them to us and we will share them! :)


About Molly

I do most of the updating on our Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but this blog will give everyone at Star Choice the opportunity to keep our members updated and connected from their perspectives-everyone from Marketing to our IT department!

With that being said, I will start of by telling you a little bit about myself.

My name is Molly McCurdy and I am originally from Hastings, MN. I am a recent graduate of Winona State University (May 2011-its been a year already, holy cow!) and I graduated with a degree in Advertising & Marketing.  Right after college I found it very hard to be considered for any marketing or advertising positions. Regardless of my degree and knowledge of the field, without any experience your resume seems to go straight to the bottom of the pile. (Note to any new grads or college students...if you get the opportunity to do an internship, don't pass it up!)

Before I accepted the Marketing Coordinator position here at Star Choice Credit Union I worked for a temporary and permanent placement agency in downtown Minneapolis. I applied to the temp agency hoping they would place me in a position, and they ended up hiring me on internally which was great...for a little while! Although I didn't necessarily mind the position, over time I knew it wasn't what I wanted long-term. I wanted something I was more passionate about and something that I could use my degree in, so I started searching for Marketing positions around the Twin Cities and stumbled across this Marketing Coordinator position. I was so ready to start my career and prove myself, and despite my lack of "real world" experience, they thought I would be a great fit and offered me the position...which I am extremely grateful for!

If you don't already know the employee's of Star Choice, let me tell you that it didn't take long before I felt right at home! Shortly after my first week here, I was just starting to get into the swing of things and our President, Dan, was giving me a hard time, telling me it was about time I got some work done around here! I knew then that this was the perfect fit for me ;o)

So there is a little bit of information about my background and how I ended up at Star Choice! When I'm not working, I love being outside, spending time with my family, my boyfriend, Eric, and of Golden Retriever, Dakota! If you want to know anything else, just ask!