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A picture is worth a thousand words!

...It's so true! Sometimes a thousand laughs as well :)

A photo was recently discovered of our President, Dan Christiansen. Upon its discovery, rumors were confirmed that he has, in fact, always been a sharp dresser, and caused several other photos of Star Choice employees to rise to the surface!

















Our Branch Manager, Ryan, has always been a sharp dresser his own way. With that being said, I don't know many people who can make a toilet paper dress look this good!And then there is Matt, our IT Specialist, in an awesome Superman outfit. Little did he know, one day he actually would become a Superman by saving the "not-so-tech-savvy" Star Choice employees from our daily computer issues and incapabilities :)

Here is me...with some sticks. I had some weird facination with sticks when I was little, possibly due to the fact that I always wished I was a dog when I was younger (so I wouldn't have to go to school) or maybe because my dad would give us money for picking up sticks in the yard before he had to mow. Who knows...I was a strange kid :) My outfit isn't nearly as cool as Dan's, Ryan's or Matt's ...and clearly my brother Bryan was the more fashionable child with his sweet tye-dye t-shirt!

Do you have any old pictures or pictures from your childhood worth a laugh? Feel free to send them to us and we will share them! :)


Gimmick or the Real Deal?

So today is Day 1 of trying a new weight loss idea for me.  Well two new ideas but the 2nd is well documented to work.  I have for about a year been wanting to get back on the horse of weight loss.  Having a desk job it makes it tough to stay active and the ease of food options in the Bloomington area has not done a lot of “good” for my waist line.  I have tried to get a leg up on the process but like most of us get frustrated if immediate results aren’t seen.  So I decided to try a product to help me get started!  If you are a radio listener you have no doubt heard of the product Healthe Trim.  It’s for the most part gotten good reviews but the down side has been that like many products out there, it’s a little expensive.  They recently had a half off deal and I decided now was the time for several reasons, one I just mentioned the second is it’s less than 3 months from my wedding and I want to look my best!  So I will be blogging a bit off and on letting people know how it’s working and how my progress is going.  I have in the not so distant past lost a good “chunk” of weight and I am determined to get that off and a bit more!

The second thing I am trying is joining a new gym, Planet Fitness.  It’s across the street from Star Choice so convenience is huge and with it being so close makes the possibility of workout lunches a reality on a slower day.  I know this will help as my first weight loss success was in large part to exercising regularly at LA Fitness, which now is just not as convenient.  I will also keep up on how I like the facilities, staff and convenience which could be helpful for our Bloomington area members!  Wish me luck!

Speaking of working out, does anyone have a favorite workout song?  I have a few but my warm-up/getting pumped up song or the song I play at the end of a workout and I need to push on thru is Eye of the Tiger by Survivor , made famous by the Rocky movies.  What's yours?


Music Musings by a wedding DJ….

One of the most popular questions a wedding DJ gets is: What’s the most played song overall? What’s the most requested first dance song?

Obviously this changes from year to year and even from summer to fall to winter.  So far wedding season 2012 has continued to see a strong presence by the boys of LMFAO and while they have several other hits like Sorry for Party Rocking and Sexy and I Know It, Party Rock Anthem is a must play for most and a dance floor “packer”! You can check it out here!

Surprising enough to this DJ however is the sudden rise of Carly Rae Jepsen and her addicting playful single “Call Me Maybe”! Just this past weekend it was requested several times and I actually had to cave and play it twice!  Early on and then as the final song of the night.  It takes a special song to get guys, girls and pretty much everyone else to dance like a fool and sing at the top of their lungs!  Haven’t heard of it?  Check it out here!

As always music is subjective and everyone has a lot of their own taste sprinkled in.  The new single “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz, has started to become the first dance song of the summer!  

For your country fans out there, Feel Like A  Rockstar by Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw as well as Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean seem to be keeping people moving and two stepping when they are played.

For now I personally like the trend of music, lots of new stuff coming out and new sounds!  If you ever want to talk music there are a lot of us with wide musical taste here at Star Choice!  My current guilty pleasure song I will leave you with is the 2nd hit from the group FUN. – here it is! 

-Ryan Diaz


Meet Ryan!

Hi, name is Ryan Diaz.  I am the Branch Manager of our Bloomington branch and I have been with Star Choice in one capacity or another since February 2010.  I have been working in the credit union industry for over 10 years.  I got my first taste of the culture as a teller and immediately knew it was an industry I could get behind and find personal fulfillment in.  As I continued my career I always wanted to do more, help more.  The feeling you get from delivering service, helping someone out and seeing that expression on their face when you’ve hit a “home-run” for them is contagious!  I came aboard as an Financial Service Representative and have been in my current position for about a year.  We have such a great team here at Star Choice and I am proud to be one of its leaders!


A few things you might not know about me…  I am a mobile Deejay – it’s my passion for music and having fun that makes it a great hobby.  I do weddings, anniversary or birthday parties, even corporate events!  I recently bought a house about a year ago and absolutely love being a home owner.  I also got engaged over this past Christmas to an amazing woman by the name of Kari and we are getting married this fall.  I can’t wait to start this next chapter of my life with her!  I am also a big Minnesota sports fan – especially the Twins, Wolves and Gophers.


Next time you are in the branch make sure to say “HI “if you want to talk business, sports, music or anything else.  Thanks for being a fan or member of Star Choice and I look forward to seeing you soon!