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Last Minute Christmas Ideas

If you're like want to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

If you're also like me...Christmas sneaks up on you pretty quick, and right now you are probably finding yourself scrambling for last-minute gifts for the people you have yet to check off your list.

Pictures say a thousand words, and will save you a thousand times over around Christmas time. When in doubt, buy a nice frame and print off photos. Whether it is of you and a close friend, a photo book of you and your siblings when you were children, or your family pet...a picture is something you can always cherish and it does show a lot of thought.

Food. Food. Food. The Holidays are a time of eating. And giving. And eating. Chocolate and nuts are usually always a hit, or you can spice it up by making your own gift basket filled with goodies, homemade or store bought. Throw in a bottle of chocolate liquer or a nice bottle of wine, and you're all set!

Looking to make something unique and homemade? Pinterest has millions of ideas from do-it-yourself Christmas ornaments to cookie-in-a-jar recipes.

Visa Gift Cards are always a great and easy gift. You can't go wrong when you allow them to buy whatever they want! We have Visa gift cards at Star Choice, stop by and pick one up today!

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!


'Tis the Season!

Winter is here! If you are looking for some festive things to do around Minneapolis this Holiday Season, this is the place!

What do you like to do for fun in the winter? Let us know, we will add it to the list!